Carpet buying guide

Carpet buying guide

You can choose a carpet that's been made by looping fibers onto a backing. Or you can opt for one of the styles that are created by cutting the loops. Cut pile styles are enhanced by twisting, or turning, the fibers. Long-lasting brands typically have a 5.0 or 6.0 TPI or turns per inch. You can find a wide variety of trendy carpet styles at Carpet Source Plus, a carpet store in Northwood, Ohio. Mohawk Industries and Shaw Industries are two of our favorite manufacturers.

Durable fibers

A short loop pile nylon carpet with densely packed fibers, with fibers that are sewn closely together, offers maximum durability. Nylon has been known as the toughest synthetic carpeting for decades. But triexta, first available in 2009, has proven to be comparable to nylon in many ways. The hydrophobic fiber is naturally very stain resistant, and it is soft and colorfast. Mohawk Industries markets triexta, also available in an eco-friendly version, under the brand name SmartStrand.

Polyester and olefin

While nylon and triexta have a matte look, polyester has a higher luster, which gives it a shinier appearance. Thus, colors tend to be bright and vibrant. Because of its looks and suitability to low-traffic areas, polyester carpeting is often chosen for bedrooms. Olefin is also appropriate for spaces that aren't well used. The floor covering is hydrophobic, and since it does not absorb liquid, it is ideal for basements and outdoor spaces. Olefin's appearance can range from matte to a high sheen.

Family-owned Carpet Source Plus, founded in 2000, can install any carpet in your home. Your flooring upgrade begins with a free in-home estimate. We also offer area rug binding. We bring superior products and services to an area that includes Toledo, Oregon, Millbury, and Curtice, Ohio. Our online chat service and room visualizer make it easy to begin your carpet flooring project. Or stop by our showroom in Northwood for personalized service.