Carpet flooring is an excellent option for people with allergies!

Carpet flooring is an excellent option for people with allergies!

Today, there's carpeting to match every lifestyle, and if you shop at Carpet Source Plus in Northwood, OH, you can find carpets that meet the needs of people with allergies.

Carpet manufacturers and homeowners can work together to make carpet flooring the best floor covering choice for allergy sufferers—a few simple things to consider when shopping for the best carpet flooring for your allergy-free home.

Step one

Since most environmental allergens that exacerbate allergies get tracked into the house, doormats are the first step in allergy reduction. Place a doormat made of high-quality natural material like coir inside and outside entryways. A synthetic material that is backed by natural rubber is an alternative.

Carpet fibers

Most synthetic carpeting fibers resist moisture, mold, and mildew; thus, they are allergy friendly. In addition, Triexta, polyester, and olefin are hydrophobic fibers that do not absorb water, while stain-resisting protectors are applied to nylon, which is moisture-resistant. In short, you can safely choose any of these carpet fibers that do not absorb liquid spills.

Carpet pile

Yes, carpet can harbor allergens, but the particles are not airborne, where they do more harm. First, choose a short loop pile carpeting style rather than a shag or similar cut pile style. Then you can easily remove allergens with a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, which traps tiny particles.

 We serve many areas in Ohio

Family-owned Carpet Source Plus provides installation services, including a free estimate and an area rug binding service. Our carpet store serves an area in Ohio that provides for Toledo, Oregon, Millbury, and Curtice. Please stop by our showroom in Northwood today to compare carpet flooring styles that are perfect for any household that strives to keep allergens to a minimum.