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Tile flooring that offers the best of both worlds

You love the style, functionality, and affordability of tile flooring, but when you have kids or senior residents prone to falling, an ultra-hard surface can be a concern. Enter DuraCeramic, a flooring product by Congoleum. When you walk into the Carpet Source Plus tile store in Northwood, OH, you’ll be amazed to see this limestone-based hybrid.

This flooring has it all. It is a combination of ceramic and vinyl composite tiles that are even groutable, but be mindful that you can’t use just any grout you find in the hardware store. Only use the pre-mixed acrylic created by the manufacturer. The result is flooring with all the tile beauty and functionality, without the hardness of a hard flooring surface.

Benefits of DuraCeramic

This is a collection of 16 X 16 squares or 12 X 25 linear rectangular designs, all with a wide variety of colors and patterns, including stone, ceramic, wood, linen, and concrete looks. Images are created with 3D photography and high definition printing, so they are clear, vibrant, and accurate. Layouts can be arranged in designs, including herringbone and brick. It is suitable for both floors and walls in residential and light commercial applications.

The top sheet is a transparent, robust, and aluminum-coated wear layer. Thicker is always better. You should have one that measures at 20-mils thick.

This product is 100% waterproof and was the original rigid core. It is also resistant to stains and scratches and has evolved over the years to include Scotchgard ™ Protectants and silver antimicrobial properties.

What is a silver antimicrobial property?

Silver is a metal long recognized for its power in killing infections, viruses, fungi, and bacteria. It was used in ancient times and still highly praised today, making it ideal for rooms like the kitchen and bath that require sanitary and hygienic habits.

Ceramic vs. DuraCeramic installation

The subfloor, especially with a DuraCeramic installation, must be clean, dry, and level. The product can be either glued down or loose-lay. Please follow the DuraCeramic installation guidelines carefully and check with your flooring pro if you have questions.

If you’re a homeowner in Northwood, OH, Toledo, OH, Oregon, OH, Millbury, OH, || Curtice, OH, visit the Carpet Source Plus showroom is in Northwood, OH. We’ll show you how you can have beauty, function, and comfort with tile flooring. While you’re in our showroom, don’t forget to ask about the free quotes.