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What to know about carpet

We already know that a carpet installation adds elegance to any room. It also adds softness and warmth to an area and comes in so many colors, patterns, styles, and price points; there’s something for everyone. Flooring, however, isn’t something we buy very often, so the process can be overwhelming. From Carpet Source Plus, your carpet store in Northwood, Ohio, here’s a guide to basic terms to help make the process easier.

Padding: You can’t see it, but it’s important

Think of padding as the asphalt on your driveway. It’s invisible, but sets the foundation and, without it, your car could become damaged. Padding does precisely that for carpet. Just as a rug protects the floor, padding will keep the surface smooth and wrinkle and buckle--free. It also increases insulation, resulting in a more quiet and warm area.

Not every padding is right for every carpet, so don’t accept whatever is just thrown in the bag. Generally, padding should be a minimum of ¼-inch thick with a maximum of 7/16, together with a six-pound weight. Berbers are a little different; the recommended thickness is ⅜-inch with an eight-pound weight. Talk to your flooring pro to get the cushion for your soft surface.

Carpet styles

Style and texture come down to the construction. Cut pile is the most common, with fibers of varying lengths, depending on yarn material, twist, tufts, etc. Saxony Plush and Saxony Textured are examples of a cut pile, while Berber is an example of a looped one. Yarns can also be long and loose, such as the shag or the frieze, where the fibers are also tightly twisted, giving them a curly look. Cut and loop constructions is a blend that embeds patterns and textures, including squares, chevrons, and swirls. This construction is also excellent at camouflaging dirt and stains.

Know your fibers

These have a lot to do with appearance and performance. There are natural fibers, such as wool, the most common. Synthetics are man-made and include the four most common: nylon; polyester; olefin, and Triexta. While they each have plenty of advantages, what you decide will ultimately come down to your style, needs, and budget.

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